Building Skills or Building Kits?
How Kids and Adults Think About Legos

edu 122
children, learning and material culture


In conducting our study, we observed or talked with _ # children.

We found children in the following ways _____

Most of the children we spoke with were family members or relatives, but some were younger brothers or sisters of people with whom we are good friends. We also used our own childhood experiences as information for this study. For all the materials on our web site we got prior permission from the children and their parents. Unless they insisted that we keep their name attached to what they said or the photos they gave us, we changed the names of the people we talked to.

For X# of the children, we just took notes on what they said. For 3 of the children, we audio taped and transcribed our conversations. We've included transcripts below of these conversations. We've also included some photographs of kids playing with Legos. Some of these are from our own family photo albums. Others are from kids we talked with in doing this project. We showed the photographs we made to the kids and to their parents and got their approval before including them on our web site.

We've provided beloq the complete transcription for a few of our conversations with children. Before putting these on our web site we also shared them with the children and their parents and got their permission.


CHILD #1: Mitsy [transcript plus photo of Mitsy playing with Legos]


CHILD #2: Raphael [transcript]


CHILD #3: Thu [transcript]