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Instructional Materials

Writing Evaluation Rubric


Field Studies Guidelines

  Resources for Image-Based Field Research
  Code and Retrieve Text with FileMaker Pro
  Audio Recording Guidelines
  Asking Students to "Picture" How They Think

Student Projects

Picturing Social Reality, Winter 05: "Class Book"



Picturing Social Reality: Photographs and Film, Facts and Fabrications (Freshman Seminar)

When is a Doll? (Freshman Seminar)

EDU 120 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDU 122 Children, Learning and Material Culture

EDU 201 Qualitative Research in Education

EDU 202 Computer Analysis of Qualitative Data

EDU 208 Representing Educational Research in Written Reports (a.k.a. "Writing Educational Research")

EDU 209 Image Based Field Research

AMS 152 The Lives of Children in America

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