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Constructing credible images: VIsual studies, social science, and documentary work. PDF In Gregory Stanczak (ed.), Visual Studies: A special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist , 47 (12): pp. 1477-1506, 2004

Does image-based field work have more to gain from extending or from rejecting scientific realism? A review of Robert Coles, Doing Documentary Work and Sarah Pink, Doing Visual Ethnography.  Visual Sociology 16 (2), pp 7-21, 2002

Contrasting images, complementary trajectories: Sociology, Visual Sociology and Visual Research. Visual Studies 17 (2), pp. 160-171, 2002 [reprinted from  Sociological Imagination 38 (1/2) pp7-27, 2001]

Representing Time and Studying School Change: Lessons from a Collaborative Field Study. Patricia Gandara, Ed. The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform. Buffalo, NY: SUNY, pp.153-180 in1999

Pairing general purpose computer programs to analyze qualitative data: An illustration based on MS Word® and FileMaker Pro®. Cultural Anthropology Methods 10 (1), February, 1998, p. 4-9


The unavoidable intervention of educational research : A framework for reconsidering researcher-practitioner cooperation", Educational Researcher , 26(7), 13-23.


Ignorance in educational research : Or, how can you now know that?   Educational Researcher , 22 :   15-23.



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